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Yorkton - Recycling Depot/Centre

The Yorkton Branch of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council operates both the (1) SARCAN Recycling Depot and the (2) RecyclAbility Enterprises. The type of recyclable materials accepted is different for each depot. Please read below for complete details. If you have any questions about recycling, please call the depot locations.

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The Council is a member of the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC).

The SARCAN depot accepts deposit beverage containerspaint, and electronics. Click SARCAN Recycling for a comprehensive list of these items, recycling guidelines, and hours of operation.

SARCAN Depot location:
144 Ball Road
Yorkton, SK  Tel: 306-782-2463


2. RecyclAbility Enterprises

RecyclAbility Enterprises accepts a variety of recyclable materials. Please read below for a  list of items, recycling guidelines, depot location, and hours of operation.

Recyclable materials accepted:

  • Cardboard: clean and flattened
  • Clear glass: rinsed, labels and lids removed
  • Paper products: newspaper, office paper, magazines, telephone books, shredded paper, and any other type of unsoiled paper product
  • Plastics: food and cleaning product containers rinsed well of any food or chemical contaminant.
  • Plastic milk jugs: rinsed well, caps removed
  • Plastic film: grocery and garbage bags, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, or any plastic that can be easily rolled
  • Tin cans: all types—rinsed and labels removed
  • Milk cartons

Recyclable materials NOT accepted:

  • Plastic strapping or six-pack rings
  • Styrofoam of any type
  • Toys or household appliances

RecyclAbility Enterprises location:
180 Ball Road
Yorkton, SK  Tel: 306-782-2463

Recycling protects natural resources, prevents pollution, saves energy, and creates jobs.
Do what you can—every small effort you make to recycle will positively impact the environment.

Thank you for your support!