Saskatchewan Abilities Council




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Special Needs Equipment Items for Loan

 The following equipment types are available for loan:

Mobility Aids
  • Wheelchairs
    • Standard manual wheelchairs
    • Standard recliner manual wheelchairs
    • Ultralight manual wheelchairs
    • Tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs
    • Standard power wheelchairs
    • Tilt-in-space power wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair cushions
  • Folding walkers
  • Kaye postural walkers
  • Paediatric Mobility Aids
    • Convaid Cruiser
    • Kid Kart
  • Forearm Crutches
 Environmental Aids
  • Bathroom Accessories
    • Transfer tub seats
    • Stationary commodes
    • Combination commodes
    • Child’s commodes
    • Bathtub lifts
  • Transfer Assists
    • Sask-A-Poles
    • Sask-A-Pole kneeboards
    • Sask-A-Pole trapezes
    • Versa Helper trapezes with floor stands
    • Hydraulic patient lifts
  • Hospital Beds & Accessories
    • Electric hospital beds with mattresses
    • Over bed tables
  • Other Environmental Aids
    • Alternating pressure pump and mattress sets
    • Lymphedema control units

Restricted Loan Equipment

Recipients of the Supplementary Health Program (SHP), Saskatchewan Income Plan (SIP), or the Family Health Benefits program (FHB) may loan additional low-cost devices listed below at no charge. For clarification of SHP, SIP, or FHB coverage, contact the Ministry of Health at (306) 787-7121.

Mobility Aids

  • Adjustable off set handle canes
  • Four point canes
  • Gutter canes
  • Walk canes
  • Standard axillary crutches
  • Quad crutches
  • Gutter crutch attachments
 Environmental Aids
  • Bathroom Accessories
    • Bath tub clamps
    • Wall bars
    • Utility bath seats (with and without back)
    • Toilet arm rest sets
    • Raised toilet seats
  • Other Environmental Aids
    • Helping hand reachers
    • Transfer boards
    • Ice grippers for canes and crutches