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Farmers with Disabilities

The Farmers with Disabilities program supports Saskatchewan farmers and their families.

Every year Saskatchewan farmers are affected by injuries, illness, or changing health and may be faced with some hard questions. Do I keep farming or not? If I do, how am I going to manage?

The Farmers with Disabilities program began in 1985 to help answer these questions, and provide support for farmers with disabilities who want to stay on the land. Through the program, farmers across Saskatchewan have formed a network they can rely on for advice and support. Injured farmers and farmers with disabling health conditions can talk with others who have experienced the same challenge.

HandiFarmer Newsletter:
The HandiFarmer keeps members informed on conferences, ideas on adapting equipment, tips on safety and accident prevention, and stories of how other farmers are dealing with their disabilities.

Changing Gear Machinery Modifications Catalogue:
This catalogue is a practical resource for farmers with disabilities. It is an extensive collection of resource material on special tools, farming aids and modifications or adaptations which have been made to farm equipment and yards by families who have already gone through the process. The catalogue is available on CD-ROM and can be ordered by contacting the Program Coordinator.

Farm Safety Connections:
Information sheets are available that are designed to provide quick references on a variety of topics.
- Research
- Child safety

The Farmers with Disabilities program is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

To become a member of the Farmers with Disabilities program or to learn more, please contact:

Farmers with Disabilities Coordinator
Provincial Services
Saskatoon, SK
Tel: 306-374-4448