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Susan finds a warm welcome at Tim Hortons

When Susan Yagelniski first came to the Yorkton Branch, she spent six months in the Training Centre developing essential work skills. She moved on to Partners in Employment, where she successfully transitioned to a job at Tim Hortons. In 2015, Susan celebrated her first anniversary of community-based employment.

“Through our strong a partnership with Tim Hortons, we were able to job carve a position for Susan as a cleaner,” says Brittany Garbutt, Employment Specialist/Vocational Evaluator with Partners in Employment. “We were able to get her duties clearly laid out and ensure that she works a set schedule, so she doesn’t have to call in to find out when she works. Susan and I developed a monthly calendar for her shift and pay days, which also helped lessen her anxiety.”

Susan started off with a job coach, but it wasn’t long before she was demonstrating all the abilities needed to work a successful independent shift.

“Susan gets compliments from her co-workers on the quality and speed with which she works,” Brittany says. “Her life has improved. In our conversations, she talks about how happy she is. She’s enhanced her skills, made new friendships and demonstrated a strong work ethic.”

Mauricio Gomez, owner of the Tim Hortons franchise in Yorkton, has been an important partner for the Council over the years. In addition to providing job opportunities, he has sponsored the Council’s Immigrants of Distinction awards, International Beer Night and Snowarama.

“He has been a role model for other business owners, as well as an inspiration to Council staff members and their clients,” Brittany says. “He is an outstanding leader in recognizing the value that workers with disabilities bring to his workplace. He has given our clients numerous opportunities for success. As an employer, he strives to make diversity and inclusion a priority.”

“Community-based employment had given Susan a new level of confidence.”
- Brittany Garbutt, Partners in Employment