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Chris enjoys community-based fitness

Meet Chris, a client of the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Quality of Life program at the Regina Branch. This unique program assists Chris and others with acquired brain injuries to participate in community-based activities. A staff coordinator met with Chris to identify individual needs, interests and goals, and then worked one-on-one to help him meet his goals.

When Chris wanted to attend the Fit Start for All program at Regina’s Northwest YMCA, his quality of life coordinator at the Council helped make it happen. With staff, volunteer, and YMCA support, Chris completed classes in basic nutrition and anatomy, went through an equipment orientation at the gym and learned how to build a fitness circuit. Today, with ongoing support, Chris is enjoying a physical fitness program tailored to his needs and goals.

“Exercise is important for so many reasons. I am stronger—and it helps with staying trim.”
- Chris, ABI Community Support client, Regina Branch

“Armed with new skills necessary to participate in an exercise program, Chris set a goal of attending the YMCA every Monday afternoon,” says Angela Strelioff, Quality of Life Coordinator with the ABI program in Regina. “Chris has gained independence and skills necessary for enhancing his sense of community belonging, improved his health through physical activity and increased his overall quality of life.”