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Register For Camp Easter Seal

Camp Easter Seal is designed to provide exceptional camping experiences for children and adults with a wide range of abilities and medical needs.


We offer camp sessions for:
Children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities (including autism spectrum, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol spectrum, etc.), and
Applicants who require medical routines, specialized diets, and/or medication.
Not eligible are:
Children whose ONLY diagnosis is attention deficit spectrum or a learning disability. However, if their primary diagnosis is a physical disability, they may be eligible.
Applicants with chronic mental disorders or whose behaviour could endanger themselves or other campers may not be suitable for camp.


Camper applications are now closed for 2017.

The majority of our camps are full with waiting lists. Please email the office at to see if we have any spots available.

ALL applications must be submitted online - we no longer accept paper applications.
Every camper, whether New or Return, must complete an application each year.
All New or Return campers whose condition has changed significantly must have their physician complete a medical form and submit it to our office prior to camp acceptance.
After an application is successfully submitted and reviewed, you will receive an email to confirm receipt of the application.
Camp ACCEPTANCE confirmation will be emailed separately in April each year.

If you have any questions about camper eligibility or the registration process, please contact the Camp Easter Seal Office.

Camp Easter Seal Office
1410 Kilburn Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7M 0J8
Tel: 306-653-1694