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Donate to Camp Easter Seal

“Camp is the place where everyone is seen as equals. Maybe that is the reason campers love it so much.” – Rebecca Frederick (staff 5 summers)

“Throughout my life I saw how people would look at Jeanette (sister) differently when we went out. I realize the looks she got from strangers just passing by – all because she uses a wheelchair. I never thought anything of it, since that is what I was used to seeing. It wasn’t until I went to Camp that I saw people look at Jeanette like they would look at everyone else.”

“The last five summers have been filled with many tears of joy and also sadness. Campers leaving always break the staff’s hearts. As much as we know they are happy to be back with family, the memories we share, things they have taught us and special place they have in our heart makes the year go by much too slow. Some of the best memories I have with Jeannette were made at Camp Easter Seal”

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Donate to Camp

Children’s camps are funded entirely through donations to Easter Seals Saskatchewan.
The cost to send a child for a one-week session at Camp Easter Seal is $1,500.
Donations of any amount will make a difference.


If you have questions regarding your donation, please contact the Fund Raising department in Saskatoon at
(306) 374-4448 or email

* Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more. Charitable Business# 107955221RR0001
* Our donor information is confidential. Please be assured that your personal information will not be exchanged or sold to any other organization.

Camp Easter Seal is operated by the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.